20 Best Goth & Alternative Blogs 2015

20 Best Goth and Alternative Blogs

For anyone involved in, interested in, or simply an admirer of the goth, alternative or punk style, we've hand-picked our favourite 20 blogs for this ever-changing subculture.

Whether you need fashion tips, home decor advice or help designing and making costumes, these guys have you covered, and more. Expect to also find hundreds of posts about music, movies, TV, comics, festivals, literature and everything else that contributes to genre the today.

Here is the Black Rose 20 Best Goth & Alternative Blogs 2015..

Feeling Vague

The woman behind Feeling Vague is Amber Dennett, a graphic designer working in fashion who's always keeping us up to date with her innovative style. Whether it's full black one week, colour the next, she's constantly keeping us on our toes as her style really does cover the whole range of alternative.


An Honest Drug

Creative, arty, crafty and stylish, Fiona C and her blog An Honest Drug never fail to deliver truly brilliant posts and ideas to keep us inspired. As she says "For those who find both treasure and trash beautiful" so expect a genuinely unique style.


Cafe La Strange

Ali at Cafe La Strange is a truly authentic blogger and really understands the gothic subculture. Hit her up to chat about anything weird, internet-related or just plain interesting - especially web comics!


Haute Macabre

Macabre is the word. If you see the world in black and white, this is the place for you. Fashion tips, accessories, nails, culture, music and poetry, Haute Macabre has you covered on all angles, and always in style.


Renee Ruin

Renee Ruin is one of our all time favourites. With new posts all the time, we're always finding new bands, artists, fashion styles, movies, TV shows and general dark inspiration of all kinds.


Courtesan Macabre

If you fancy yourself a bit of a thespian, you need to visit Courtesan Macabre - the perfect mix of cutting edge gothic fashion you'll find fantastically elaborate costumes and designs. In addition you'll be kept up with events, decor, travel and crafts.


Gothic Holiday

Perfect for quick, fun fashion tips, costume and craft ideas - especially for Halloween. Gothic Holiday always keeps us entertained, whether it's their own stuff or cool things they've found on the web.


The Walrus Room

Sarah Walrus's blog Our Walrus Room is one of our go-to's for post-punk and gothic fashion (as well as vegan thought). Perfect for costume and halloween time - Sarah is a genuine artist when it comes to costume makeup.


Coffin Kitsch

Coffin Kitsch is a beautifully written personal style blog by Meagan Kyla. Expect to find endless outfit ideas all of a dark, 80's Goth aesthetic - think pin up!


Steff Metal

Steff and her site Steff Metal are really pioneering the positive side of the metal and generally weird sub-culture, and with great skill. As an author, artist and drummer we think Steff is one of the most fascinating bloggers out there.


Scarlet Pout

It's not an easy thing to do, but we think Amii at Scarlet Pout has blended her love of the colour red with her own style of alternative fashion down to a tee. Check out her blog for fashion, lifestyle and some marvellous opinions.


Vincent van Ghost

"Strange and Unusual" - well we couldn't have put it better ourselves. Dark, spooky, hilarious, inspiring, stylish. If you want to get a feel for gothic, just head to Vincent van Ghost.

Gothic Charm School

Jillian, behind Gothic Charm School, is a brilliant writer, both by day and by night. Her book Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them should be read before going any further!



One of the most artistic and stylish expressions of goth out there is undoubtedly Mortisia. Awesome photography, touching poetry and heaps of other lovely posts, it's the ideal destination for any artistically minded goths.

Domesticated Goth

The Housecat, writer of Domesticated Goth, never fails to make us smile with her constantly changing photoshoots, make sure you check them out for both potrait shoots and incredible black and white architectural photography.

Queens of the Wild Frontier

Her Royal Highness Queen Alexandria is a "vain, shoe obsessed, tight-lacing feminist". And well, if that's not enough for you to fall in love with her, she's also a model and is obsessed with Doctor Who. Pop over and say hi, she's always there to chat.


The Blogging Goth

Whilst not directly fashion related, The Blogging Goth keeps us up to date with everything that's going on in the thriving goth and alternative sub-culture - especially with music and festivals. If you're not staying up to date with him you're probably missing out on something!



Visit Trashtastika to hear from a seasoned blogger, writer, fashion editor and, most importantly, traveller. Whilst she's been virtually everywhere, it's her love of Japan and the culture there that really comes through in her blog.



Gothic, macabre, Victorian as well as music, film and art Gothacabre - as the name suggests - covers virtually every angle of goth and alternative with a particularly delectable Tim Burton influence.

Eco Goth Mom

For the eco-concerned or green goth, look no further for fashion advice than the Eco Goth Mom! And yes, she's also a Mom, so all you gothic moms out there - you're not alone!

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